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January Tastes

✨ New Year, New Tunes! ✨

Our first Flavorlab Tastes of 2019 is here featuring some awesome artists to get you feeling good as new. Happy New Year! 🎉

You can find the artists featured on this playlist below:

Semi-Attractive Boy

aka Baker Wallis, Semi-Attractive Boy wanders through life, with premium coffee in hand

Indie Rock | Los Angeles, CA


 Album Heatwave out now

90s R&B Inspired | New York, NY

Anna Burch

Debut full length album Quit the Curse out now

Bummer Pop | Detroit, MI


aka Alex Toth, new album coming soon

Dreamy & melancholy pop | Brooklyn, NY

Joe Avio

Album 052216 out now

Light pop | Vancouver, BC

Dick Stusso

aka Nic Russo, Bay Area BBQ gaucho, album In Heaven out now

Blues Rock | Oakland, CA

Little Bird

Album Familiar out now

Modern R&B and Ambient Soul | Charleston, SC

Naia Izumi

NPR Tiny Desk Winner 2018

Indie/Alternative | Los Angeles, CA

Hayley Gene Penner

5 new singles in 2018

Singer-songwriter | Los Angeles, CA

The Quincey

EP Colors out now

Psych Pop | Milan, Italy

Zach Ezzy

Debut Single

Soul Catharsis | Brooklyn, NY


A band for nighthawks at the diner

Psychedelic Indie | Brooklyn, NY


Cate Le Bon & Tim Presley, Album Hippo Lite out now

Neo-psych | Los Angeles, CA

The Nude Party

Album The Nude Party out now

Psych Rock | Catskill Mountains, NY

Harrison Sands

Album Everything’s Fine out now

Funk Pop | Los Angeles, CA

Banzai Florist

Several singles and album Nazz out in 2018, also an animator at @meditative.raisin

Indie Rock | Little Rock, AK


Groovy Pop | London, UK

Two debut singles out in 2018

Marcus Atom

Soul-meets-R&B | Chicago, IL

Has sung with Gorillaz, Carly Simon, Pusha T, De La Soul, and more. Two debut singles out in 2018


Neo soul | London, UK

Two debut singles out in September 2018

Jacob Sigman

Feel Good Soul Pop | Ann Arbor, Michigan

Two EPs Episode 1 & Episode 2 out in 2018

Swamp Dogg

Soul/Rock & Roll | Los Angeles, CA

Once Jerry Williams writing at Muscle Shoals Soul, he’s the original d-o-double g. Album Love, Loss, and Auto-tune out now

Isabelle Brown

Soulful escape | Brighton, UK

Debut single released in November 2018


Electro pop | Vancouver, BC

Two debut singles in July 2018, band members Jordan & Erika Toohey are also a married couple!

Goodbye Honolulu

Garage Rock | Toronto, ON

Debut album More Honey released December 2018

Jackie Cohen

Psychadelic Folk | San Fernando, CA

SFV to NY transplant, back to SFV. Two debut EPs Tacoma Night Terror Part 1: I’ve Got The Blues & Tacoma Night Terror Part 2: Self-Fulfilling Elegy released in 2018