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July Tastes

☀️ Land of the Free, Home of Sweet Sounds 🇺🇸

A playlist just in time for summer vacation brought to you by Flavorlab‘s music supervision team

You can find the artists featured on this playlist below:

Red Hearse

Singles Red Hearse and Honey released in 2019

Feel Good Pop | Los Angeles, CA

Fulton Lee

EP Baby Blue and single Feed Me released in 2018

Retro Soul/Pop | Nashville, TN

Mikaela Davis

Single Take 54 released in 2019 & album Delivery released in 2018

Psych Rock, Champer Pop | Rochester, NY


Album Everything Matters released in 2019

Chill Rock| Fremont, CA


Single peace of mind released in 2019, EP coming soon

Lo-Fi Pop | Los Angeles, CA

Winnetka Bowling League

Singles Slow Dances, Cloudy With A Chance of Sun, and Kombucha released in 2019

Alt-Rock | Los Angeles, CA

Suzanne Santo

Single Mama released in 2018

Americana | Cleveland, OH

Doc Robinson

Album Travelogues released in 2019

Rock & Roll | Columbus, OH

Ewan Currie

Album Out Of My Mind released in 2019

Retro Rock n Roll |  Saskatoon, SK

Clover The Girl

Singles Insecure and Even If It Hurts released in 2019

Alternative Pop | Texas


Album Living Room released in 2018 and single Casualty released in 2019

Funk Pop | New York, NY

Dizzy Spells

Single Pool released in 2019

Indie Pop | Los Angeles, CA


Singles Drowning and Register Girl released in 2018

Rock | New Orleans, LA

Fishing In Japan

Singles Only On The Weekends released in 2019

Indie Pop | Dallas, TX

Maddie Medley

Single Coming Of Age released in 2018

Rock | Nashville, TN


Debut single New Girl released in 2019

Singer/Songwriter | Toronto, ON

Funky Notes

Album Second Home released in 2019

Home Is Where The Music Is Funky! | Basel, Switzerland

Cap Kendricks

Album Hotel Melancholia released in 2019

Chill Electronic, Hip Hop | Munich, Germany

Holy Hive

EP Harping released in 2019. Album coming in fall 2019.

Soul Folk | Brooklyn, NY

Mary Lattimore

Albums Hundreds of Days & Ghost Forests released in 2018. Hundreds of Days Remixes released in 2019.

Rock & Experimental Harpist | Los Angeles, CA

Jarren Blair

Single Space Jam released in 2019

Singer/Songwriter | Nashville, TN

Vincent Lima

EP Lovely but Broken and single Escape released in 2019

Sad music. Happy person. | New York, NY


Five singles released in 2019, album out summer 2019

Electronic Bedroom Pop | Brooklyn, NY


Singles Like A Dream and Before I Loved You released in 2019

Alt Dream Pop| Los Angeles, CA

And The Boys

Four singles released in 2018

Upbeat pop rock | Nashville, TN


Single Oh No released in 2019

local pop star | New York, NY

Kate Davis

Single rbbts released in 2019

Cathartic Indie Rock | New York, NY

Lonesome Rhodes

Album Phantom Palace released in 2019

Time Travel Pop | Austin, TX

The Charities

EP Alma released in 2019

Funk & Soul | Hermosa Beach, CA


3 singles, Sleeping In Your Room, Needy Boy, and Alarms released in 2019

Funky Pop | Nashville, TN

Super Doppler

Album Super Doppler released in 2019

70s Inspired | Norfolk, VA

Lauren Desberg

Album Out For Delivery released in 2019

Contemporary Jazz, Pop | Los Angeles, CA


Singles If You Loved Me and Different Things released in 2019

Future pop dream queen | Brighton, UK


Singles said and give it/what i get released in 2019

Alternative R&B, Pop | Miami, FL

Maude Latour

3 singles Starsick, Plan, and Superfruit released in 2019

Quirky, Good Pop | New York, NY


Single Where Does The Time Go released in 2019

Singer/Songwriter | Orlando, FL

Jeremie Albino

Four singles released in 2019

Country Blues | Toronto, ON