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June Tastes

☀️ Sun’s Out, Tunes On ⛱️

Summer’s here and so are some new tunes

You can find the artists featured on this playlist below:

Abraham Alexander

Single Lover’s Game Released in 2019

Soul, Blues, R&B | Fort Worth, TX

Steve Gunn

Album The Unseen In Between released in 2019

Blues, Folk, Psych | New York, NY

Devon Gilifillian

Single Get Out And Get It released in 2019

Soul, R&B, Hip Hop| Philadelphia, PA

Adia Victoria

Album Silences released in 2019

Gothic Indie Blues| Nashville, TN

Nicole Amine

Single Trapped released in 2019

Blues, Soul, Rock | Chicago, IL


Album Bad Together released in 2018

Singer/Songwriter | San Francisco, CA

Chez Ali

Single Shake Shack released in 2019

Soul Indie Pop | Stockholm, Sweden

Greg Cox

Album E.T.C. released in 2019

Soul & Gospel | Charlotte, NC

Emily Sage

Single Nearer To You released in 2019

Jazz, Soul | Charlotte, NC


Single One Trick Pony released in 2019

Indie, Experimental | Brooklyn, NY


Album Ataraxia released in 2019

Gutter Rock | New York, NY

Claude Fontaine

Album Claude Fontaine released in 2019

Reggae & Brazilian| Los Angeles, CA

Gabby’s World

Album Beat The Beast released in 2018

Flower Punk & Bedroom Pop | Brooklyn, NY

Pkew Pkew Pkew

Album Optimal Lifestyles released in 2019

Punk | Toronto, ON

Grace Gillespie

Single I’m Your Man released in 2019

Folk, Psychedelic, Dream Pop | London, UK

Pom Pom Squad

Single Heavy Heavy released in 2019

Quiet Grrrl Punk | Brooklyn, NY

Mavis Staples

Album We Get By released in 2019

R&B, Gospel | Chicago, IL

Rachel Mazer

Album How Do We Get By released in 2019

Singer/Songwriter, Soul | Los Angeles, CA

Julia Zivic

Album Sugar Sugar Sugar released in 2019

Progressive Soul | New York, NY

Jak Lizard

EP Shine To Rise released in 2018

Jazz, Hip Hop, Soul | New York, NY

Karina Rae

Single Go Off released in 2019

Pop | Boston, MA

Jillian Dawn

Single Maybe This Time released in 2019

Singer/songwriter, Pop | Miami, FL


Single Lilac Tune released in 2019

Disco Pop, Soul | Portland, OR

Subtle Pride

Single Staying In The Same Place released in 2019

Improvisational Voice Pop| New York, NY

Silver & Smoke

Single Mute released in 2019, 5 singles released in 2018

Ghostpunk | Europe

Lick Neon

Album Be Good To Yourself released in 2019

Blues, Jazz, Folk | Boston, MA

Chong The Nomad

Singles Nothing Else & Two Colors released in 2019

Electronic Pop | Seattle, WA

Flint Eastwood


Alt Pop | Detroit, MI