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March Tastes

💛 We’ve Struck Gold 🌈

Look what we found at the end of the Spotify rainbow! ☘️

You can find the artists featured on this playlist below:

Chong The Nomad

EP love memo & 3 Singles: Ghosts In The Shower, Pompelmo, & in conclusion out in 2018

Electronic Dance | Seattle, WA

TS Graye

3 Singles: Honestly, Take Notes, & MY2 out in 2018

Pop | Bristol, UK


Shouldn’t Be Sorry & 7 Singles out in 2018

Indie Pop | Los Angeles, CA


Shouldn’t Be Sorry & 5 Singles out in 2018

Dream Pop | Nashville, TN


3 Singles: Trippy, Tough As Nails, & Blood released in 2019



Love Me EP and Single & Single More Than Ever out in 2019, Album Westover out in 2018

Indie Pop | Nashville, TN

Lucy Daydream

3 Singles: Red, Dizzy / Awake, & Dreaming out in 2019. 5 Singles out in 2018.

Indie Pop | Denver, CO

No Suits

 2 Singles: Blue Jeans & Clothes Off out in 2019. Slow Drive out in 2018.

Rock/Funk/Hip Hop/Lo-Fi Dream | Los Angeles, CA

Maddie Jay

Little Love out in 2019. Lunch Break out in 2018.

Acid Jazz/Nu Disco/Alt Soul | Los Angeles, CA


SOBER out in 2019. Thinkin’ Of out in 2018.

Chill Dance Pop | Gold Coast, Queensland, AU

Eerie Wanda

Album Pet Town out in 2019

Alt Indie/Psych Rock| Zutphen, Netherlands


Single DAVE out in 2019. EP Workin’ on Lovin’ & 3 Singles out in 2018.

Rock, R&B, Hip Hop | Boston, MA


EP Polychromatic & Single We Don’t Need to Dance out in 2018. New EP coming in April 2019.

Elegant Dance Music | Detroit, MI

Fly Felix

Single Beautiful Animal out in 2018

Indie Pop, Psych Rock | Los Angeles, CA

Leo Pastel

Singles Woah & Growth out in 2018

Good Vibe Hip Hop | Cincinnati, OH


Single Love Is An Action out in 2019. Singles Woah & Saved 127 out in 2018.

Electronic R&B | Los Angeles, CA


2 Singles: From Me & Getaway out in 2018.

Jazz Pop | Los Angeles, CA


Single July On Film out in 2018

Bren Joy

Single Scottie Pippen out in 2019 & Henny In The Hamptons out in 2018. Single Twenties coming in 2019.

Alternative R&B | Nashville, TN

Wiley From Atlanta

2 Singles: Blood Orange & It Rains out in 2019.

R&B, Hip Hop | Atlanta, GA

Kenny Mason

Single It Rains out in 2019. Single Nike2 out in 2018.

Hip Hop | Atlanta, GA

Trudy and the Romance

EP The Original Doo-Wop Spaceman out in 2019.

50s Mutant Pop | Liverpool, UK


Album Glorietta out in 2018. 3 EPs out in 2018.

Folk Rock/Americana | Glorieta, NM


2 Singles: Sponge & Orange out in 2018.

Singer/Songwriter| Los Angeles, CA


Album House with a Pool out in 2018

Loud, aggressive, weird rock | Los Angeles, CA

Palm Springsteen

Single Hey There Cowgirl out in 2019.

Synth Pop | Los Angeles, CA

Hunny Ten

2 Singles: Take You Home & I Am Trying out in 2019.

Funk & Groove | Brooklyn, NY

Scott Hirsch

Album Lost Time Behind The Moon out in 2018. Studio owner at Echo Magic West. Founding member of Hiss Golden Messenger.

Singer/Songwriter| Ojai, CA