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October Tastes

👻 Let’s Get Spooky 🎃

October Tastes is here and something groovy this way comes: artists & sync-worthy tracks by Flavorlab‘s music supervision team

You can find the artists featured on this playlist below:

Ezra Furman

Folk Punk | Oakland, CA

Album Twelve Nudes released in 2019


Single Lonely Soul released in 2019

Chicago Blues | Boston, MA

Carwyn Ellis & Rio 18

Single Unman released in 2019, album Joia! released in 2019

Tropicalla | Wales, UK


Single When The Party’s Over released in 2019, album Thrilled To Be Here released in 2019

Indie | New York, NY

Eerie Wanda

Album Pet Town released in 2019

Alternative Pop | The Netherlands

Peach Tree Rascals

Single Mango released in 2019

Alternative Jazz, Funk, & Hip Hop | San Jose, CA

Blu DeTiger

Single Tangerine released in 2019

Electronic | New York, NY


Single Indigo Sky released in 2019

Pop | London, UK

Julien Chang

Single Memory Loss released in 2019

Alternative/Indie | London, UK


Four singles released in 2019

confessional yodeling (Indie Rock) | New York, NY

Amyl and the Sniffers

Album Amyl and The Sniffers released in 2019

Punk | Melbourne, Australia

Deborah’s Child

Single Margaret’s Myth released in 2019

Hip Hop/Rock | USA

Arnetta Johnson

Album If You Hear A Trumpet It’s Me released in 2019

Jazz | Camden, NJ


Three singles see me on the outside!, Unwind Me!, and Swamp Time! released in 2019

Indie Rock | Los Angeles, CA


Two singles Dream Within A Dream and Red Lava released in 2019

mud born, recalcitrant econo jazz | Nashville, TN

Sister James

EP Pollen released in 2019

Indie Rock | Brooklyn, NY


Album Impressions released in 2018 and single Worried For Nothing released in 2019

Retro Indie Rock | Victoria, BC

Shana Cleveland

Album Night of the Worm Moon released in 2019

Surf Rock/Indie Rock | Los Angeles, CA

Jonathon Something

5 singles released in 2019

Rock & Roll | Brooklyn, CT

Helado Negro

Album This Is How You Smile released in 2019

Ambient Pop | Brooklyn, NY

Kyle Craft

Album Showboat Honey released in 2019

Rock n roll | Portland, OR

The Slaps

Three singles A, B, and, Cheers released in 2019

Beach Blues | Chicago, IL

Vanishing Twin

Album The Age of Immunology and two singles Magician’s Success and KRK (At Home In Strange Places) release in 2019

Experimental Pop | London, UK

Cate le Bon

Album Reward released in 2019

Psych Rock | Carmarthenshire, Wales

Fred Deakin

Two singles Rush and End of the World released in 2019

Pop Rock | London, UK

Crack Cloud

Album Crack Cloud released in 2018 and single The Next Fix released in 2019

Punk. Multimedia Collective. | Vancouver, BC

Joy Oladokun

Two singles Sunday and Blame released in 2019

Rock ‘n’ soul | Nashville, TN

Sara Keden

Two singles Everybody and Annie on the Flight Back to Texas released in 2019

Earthy Rock | Nashville, TN


Two singles Water Me Down and Flood released in 2019

Electropop/Rock | New York, NY

James Swanberg

Album King of Slop (Today’s Hit$) and single It’s No Wonder released in 2019

Retro Rock | Chicago, IL