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Dennis Dembeck

Dennis DembeckDennis Dembeck

Dennis Dembeck is a film composer, sound designer, and mix engineer hailing from Detroit, Michigan. He developed an early interest in music, and started playing guitar from a young age. Upon beginning his studies at Grand Valley State University, Dennis discovered his true musical passion: film scoring.

As a student he studied sound design, but ultimately found a number of opportunities to collaborate with filmmakers and provide them with original music to help tell their stories. Dennis built quite a reputation at his university, and he was selected as the composer commissioned to score the school’s Summer Film.

As an artist, Dennis prides himself on his ability to adapt both musically and creatively. His passion for film scoring stems from the fact that every project and director has a distinct vision, and he enjoys learning how to compose and produce different musical genres to satisfy those needs. Furthermore, he will learn new instruments based on the project’s demands, and, consequently, he has become a multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, banjo, ukelele, drums, and accordion. Dennis has even spent time constructing experimental instruments, as seen here.

Currently, Dennis is working for Flavorlab and mixing a documentary film for them. He also composes EDM and Hip-Hop tracks for the Producer’s Toolbox and three of his tracks have been placed on the MTV show, Girl Code. A significant fact to note is that these tracks were some of the first he composed in the genres. Dennis will begin to pursue his Masters in Music Technology at NYU this February.

Check out his WORK and LISTEN to his Producer’s Toolbox tracks!

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