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Auro-3D-Immersive Sound

This is very cool. We like.

Vertical Speakers at 30 Degree 2 speakers.

Wilfried developed the Auro-3D® Concept back in 2005, his idea crystalizing soon thereafter with the help of a team of highly specialized engineers. It was in 2006 that Wilfried first presented his concept along with the Auro-3D® listening formats to the Audio Engineering Society conventions in both Paris and San Fransisco. His innovative audio playback system was to include the technical solutions necessary to bring Auro-3D® to the market while staying within the existing standards. After over five years of development, Auro-3D® and it’s groundbreaking Auro-Codec are ready to change the way we experience sound.

History shows that the best ideas frequently come from the least expected places. The Van Baelen brothers together with their partner Alfred Schefenacker founded Auro Technologies in 2010 intent on establishing the Next Generation Audio Standard and becoming the leader in State-of-the-Art Sound.