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The switch to digital television combined with the new CALM (Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation) act, designed to regulate loudness levels in television, has created a transitional period in broadcast audio. These loudness laws and multi-channel 5.1 surround audio present new technical and creative challenges for many networks. These new regulations have prompted FlavorLab to take a forward thinking approach towards putting creativity back into the hands of content producers.

CALM has mandated that broadcasters enforce loudness regulations in a stringent manner. Enforcement of the new law goes beyond simply defining loudness through deliverable requirements and implements computerized systems to seize control of content and force its compliance. These systems measure loudness through a new standard known as LKFS(Loudness, K weighted, relative to Full Scale.) This measurement is taken over the length of the material and represents the average loudness of the content. Most networks have settled on a level of -24LKFS +/- 2db with the primary level focus being on human voice. This standard is still in its infancy and evolving as we speak.

By immersing itself in this emerging technology and conducting extensive research,FlavorLab has developed several products to put creative control back into the hands of our clients. Our team consists of broadcast audio experts, educators and engineers who are focused on this emerging issue. By sharing our capability and knowledge we can help quickly adapt your workflow and content to this changing landscape.

FlavorLab will provide its clients with CALM compliant mixes by developing extremely cost and time effective solutions to these problems. These software solutions can be implemented in every situation and are an easy extension to your current workflow.

In addition to the loudness issue, the move from stereo to 5.1 surround for advertising and promotional content also presents several new hurdles. Consumer playback systems vary greatly in quality, configuration and consumer setup. FlavorLab can help with multiple solutions to these issues that will allow content to flow from producer to viewer in the most honest and untouched way.

FlavorLab Mastering Software Chain is available free of charge to help prepare your network and your workflow for the implementation of CALM. As creative entities we understand your ultimate goal is to convey your vision accurately to your viewers. We give you the tools to do so.