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January Tastes

New Year, New Tunes

We’re roaring into the 20s with 30 new artists & sync-worthy tracks curated by Flavorlab‘s music supervision team.

You can find the artists featured on this playlist below:


Album Signal released in 2019

Post Punk | Los Angeles, CA


EP Debut released in 2019

Lo-Fi, Indie Rock, Alt-Country | Nashville, TN

Carter Vail

Four singles Velvet, Milk Carton, Pontiac, and Andrew released in 2019

Indie Rock | Nashville, TN

Tommy Newport

EP Tommy Gun released in 2019

Bedroom Pop, Funk | Wichita, KS

Jessy Wilson

Album Phase released in 2019

Retro Pop, Rock, Soul | Nashville, TN


EP Songs From Under A Guava Tree released in 2019

R&B/Soul | Montreal, QC


Single Honey released in 2019

Folk Rock | Miami, FL

Peter Cat Recording Co.

Album Bismillah released in 2019

New Delhi, India


Three singles El Potaje, Ponte Pa’ La Tuyo (Remix), and Estás Pa’ Mi released in 2019

Funk, Cuban | Havana, Cuba

Omara Portuondo

Singles El Potaje and Un Poco Más and four albums Noche cubana (Remastered), Pedazos del Corazón (Homenaje a Álvaro Carrillo y Augustín Lara), Son Boleros (Remasterized), and Siempre Tu Voz released in 2019

Bolero, Canción, Jazz, Guaracha | Havana, Cuba

Orquesta Aragón

Single El Potaje and three remastered albums released in 2019: Tres lindas cubanas, Cachita, and Los Mejores Éxitos de la Orquesta Aragón

Danzón, Pachanga, Son | Havana, Cuba

Pancho Amat

Single El Potaje and album Que Tiene Que Te Mueve released in 2019

Son, Punto Cubano | Havana, Cuba

Chucho Valdés

Single El Potaje released in 2019 and album Jazz Batá 2 released in 2018

Afro Cuban Jazz | Havana, Cuba

Chinatown Slalom

Album Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? released in 2019

Indie Pop | Liverpool, UK

Lex Junior

Three singles Driftin’, Pop Panic (feat. JustJohn.), and Spicy Tunaz released in 2019

Electronic Dance, Pop | Toronto, ON

Abbie Ozard

EP Growing Pains released in 2019

Alt/Indie Rock | Manchester, UK

Loose Buttons

Three singles Fell Into A Hole, Something Better, and Stangers In A Nightclub released in 2019

Garage-rock good time | New York, NY

Dirty Art Club

EP Mystic Drive-Thru released in 2019

Downtempo, Lo-Fi Psychedelic| Charlotte, NC

Junior Mesa

EP Peace released in 2019

Indie Rock | Bakersfield, CA

Hotel Mira

Four singles Speaking Off the Record, This Could Be It For Me, The Eyes on You, and Jungle (Human Kebab Remix) released in 2019

Alternative Rock | Vancouver, BC

Danny Fisher

Single Crush released in 2019

Vocal Hip Hop | New York, NY

Kid Creole And The Coconuts

Single Checkin’ My Colonies released in 2019

Pop Rock, Latin, Disco | New York, NY

Pom Poko

Single Leg Day and album Birthday released in 2019

Noise/art rock | Oslo, Norway

The Mysterines

Single Who’s Your Girl and EP Take Control released in 2019

Rock | Wirral, UK

Jessica Genius

Two singles Criminal and Living a Lie released in 2019

Indie Electro Pop | Mostly Offline


Single Nostalgia released in 2019

Singer/Songwriter | New York, NY/Oxford, UK


Album Things I Remember From Earth released in 2019

Psychedelic Rock | Rochester, NY

Dreamer Boy

Two singles Puppy Dog and Dreamer (Level Live 003) released in 2019

Indie Pop | Nashville, TN

Nolan Garrett

4 singles The Camel, Hopeful, Every Year, and Better Weather released in 2019

Stoner Pop | Liverpool, UK

Woman Believer

EP Dunzo released in 2018

Indie/Alternative, Funk | Detroit, MI

Emerson Kitamura

Album Debut released in 2018

Ambient | Tokyo, Japan


Album Grow and three singles GEEKIN, Booty Getting Fatter!, and It’s Too Late released in 2019

Urban Contemporary, Hip Hop, Pop | New York, NY


Four singles Dream Car, GEEKIN, Good To Know, and Ciscero’s Summer released in 2019

Hip Hop | Brooklyn, NY/DMV

Hablot Brown

Two Singles Ain’t No Secret and Peace of Mind released in 2019

Soul/R&B | Lose Angeles, CA


Album Yes, It’s About You released in 2019

Indie Pop | Miami, FL

Dreams We’ve Had

Album Everything And You released in 2019

D R E A M P O P | Minneapolis, MN