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March Tastes

⏰ Spring forward into fresh tracks! 🌱

We may have lost an hour, but we’ve gained these sync-worthy tracks curated by Flavorlab‘s music supervision team.

You can find the artists featured on this playlist below:


Featured on EP You Never Liked This Song and single Happy As Fuck released in 2019

piano whisperer | United States


Singles My X (Always Be My Ex) and Happy As Fuck released in 2019

Pop and R&B | United States

Frances Quinlan

Album Likewise released in 2020

Indie Rock | Philadelphia, PA

Claire Ernst

Single Nothing released in 2020; single Easy On You and EP Answer Me. released in 2019

Indie Pop | Nashville, TN


Album Like New released in 2020

Psych Pop | New York, NY

Nap Eyes

Singles So Tired and Mark Zuckerberg released in 2020, album Snapshot of a Beginner coming 3/27!

Indie Rock | Halifax, NS


Three singles Nobody Stayed For The DJ, Are You Having Fun Without Me?, and Out Of Your Head (Glassio Remix) released in 2020, EP Age of Experience released in 2019

New Wave/Dream Pop | Queens, NY


Album All Or Nothing released in 2020

Post Punk | East London & Glasgow, UK

Young Gun Silver Fox

Single Private Paradise released in 2019, Album Canyons coming soon!

SoCal infused classic pop | London, UK

Jason Joshua & The Beholders

Album Alegría y Tristeza released in 2020

Latin Soul & Funk | Miami, FL & New York, NY

The North And Wells Band

Three singles Holding Back, Kosher, and Chicago Summertime released in 2019

Soul, blues, and modern rock blend | Chicago, IL

Alfredo Rodriguez

Album Duologue released in 2019

Cuban Jazz | New York, NY

Pedrito Martinez

Album Duologue released in 2019

Cuban rumba, afro-latin jazz, flamenco | New York, NY

De Lux

EP In Betweens released in 2020

disco-not-disco | Los Angeles, CA

Too Free

Album Love in High Demand released in 2020

Electronic Pop | Washington, D.C.


Singles Sing Me To Sleep and Amnesia released in 2020, self-titled EP released in 2019.

Dream Pop | Montréal, QC

Hilary Woods

Three singles The Mouth, Orange Tree, and Tongues of Wild Boar released in 2020, album Birthmarks coming in 3/13!

Dark & Cinematic | Dublin, IE

Kimberly Margaux

Single Flor released in 2019

Alternative R&B | New Jersey, US


Singles Me Voy Pa’l Pueblo and Life On Fire released in 2020

Folk Rock | Los Angeles, CA

Vincent Neil Emerson

Single Manhattan Island Serenade released in 2020, album Fried Chicken & Evil Women released in 2019

Classic Country Music | Fort Worth, TX


Album Low Season released in 2020

Daytime Disco | Los Angeles, CA

Amo Amo

Single Around The Sun released in 2020, self-titled album released in 2019

Psychedelic Dream Pop | Los Angeles, CA

Lawrence Arabia

Single Malade released in 2020, album Lawrence Arabia’s Singles Club released in 2019

70s AM Soft Rock (and more!) | New Zealand


Album III released in 2020

Folk Rock | Texas, US


Singles All That Weight, Big Cloud, and Noel in the Garden released in 2020, album Gardenia out 4/24!

Indie Pop | Portland, OR

French Police

Album Haunted Castle released in 2020

Indie Rock, coldwave | Chicago, IL

The Cactus Blossoms

Album Easy Way released in 2019

Country, folk | Minneapolis, MN


Singles good2u and buddy released in 2020

Alternative Rock | Brooklyn, NY


EP Dessert released in 2019

Electro Pop | Los Angeles, CA

Carli & The Dark

Single Mimi released in 2020

Dreamy Indie | Brooklyn, NY

Nono Chen

Single School of Losers released in 2020

Pop/Songwriter | New York, NY


Two singles i need a vacation and hate u btw released in 2020

Pop/Hip Hop | Los Angeles, CA


Single Night Moves released in 2020, two singles Still Feel U and Catch A Feeling released in 2019

Indie Pop | Los Angeles, CA