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May Tastes

🌸 All New Music In Full Bloom! 🌸

Spring has sprung with these sync-worthy tracks curated by Flavorlab‘s music supervision team.

You can find the artists featured on this playlist below:


EP Kathleen I and single Pure Imagination released in 2020.

Soft Pop | Los Angeles, CA

levitation room

Single Quarantine released in 2020 and album Headspace released in 2019.

Psych Rock | Los Angeles, CA

Reginald Omas Mamode IV

Album Where We Going? released in 2019.

Hip Hop/R&B | London, UK

Olivia Dear

Formerly Olivia Millerschin, Single Better released in 2020.

Folk Pop | Detroit, MI

Oscar Jerome

EP Your Saint released in 2020, album Live In Amsterdam released in 2019

Jazz/Funk | London, UK


Single But It Ain’t You released in 2020

Disco/Funk/Soul | Los Angeles, CA

Hak Baker

Single Lucky Life released in 2020, album Babylon released in 2019

G-Folk | London, UK


Album Grandeza released in 2019

Psych Pop | São Paulo, Brazil

Ms. White

Album Marina released in 2019

Jazz Pop | Brooklyn, NY


Feature on Ms. White’s Pink Flamingo released in 2019, Album Rough Tape released in 2018.

Real black computer music | New York, NY

David Walters

Album Soleil Kréyol released in 2020

Creole Jazz | London, UK

Ibrahim Maalouf

Featured on David Walters’ Pa Lé, album S3NZ released in 2019, soundtrack to Une Belle équipe released in 2020.

Jazz, Film | France

The Rebels of Tijuana

EP La dominicaine released in 2019

hyperactive rock n roll wankers | Geneva, Switzerland


EP echanté and album Honeycomb released in 2019

Psychedelic Soul-Savante | Brooklyn, NY

Woody and Jeremy

Album Strange Satisfaction released in 2020

Retro Pop | Los Angeles, CA

Rudy Willingham

Single Barbizon (Remix) released in 2020, album Dunk Reactions released in 2019

Electronic, epic funk burritos | Seattle, WA

Sampa The Great

Album The Return released in 2019

Hip Hop | Melbourne, Australia

Lexie Liu

2 albums 无限意识 META EGO and 2030 released in 2019

Hip Hop/R&B | Beijing, China


Single Caught Up released in 2020, album Food For Thought released in 2019. Single Real Girl out May 15th!

Dreamy Soul Pop | Tucson, AZ


2 EPs Cry Baby and Dirty Work released in 2019

Nothing Wholesome | Alberta, Canada

Margaret Glaspy

Album Devotion released in 2020

Singer/Songwriter | Brooklyn, NY

Marco Benevento

Album Let It Slide released in 2019

Groovy Rock | Saugerties, NY

Dan Mangan

Three singles Ex-Factor, Have A Little Faith In Me, and Love You Madly released in 2019

Singer/Songwriter | Vancouver, BC

The Shivas

Album Dark Thoughts released in 2019

bombastic rock n roll | Portland, OR


2 singles Dallas and Carousel released in 2020, album Sauropoda released in 2019

proto-groove | Geneva, Switzerland

L.A. Salami

Single Things Ain’t Changed (Edit) and EP Self Portrait in Sound released in 2020

Post Modern Blues Rock | London, UK

Liam Kazar

Single Shoes Too Tight released in 2020

Sleepy-eyed Soul | Chicago, IL


Single Is There Something In The Movies? released in 2020 and 3 singles released in 2019.

Indie Rock | Brooklyn, NY

Nicole Atkins

3 singles Captain, Domino, and Mind Eraser released in 2020

Crooner soul, folk | Brooklyn, NY


Album Who 250 released in 2019

Alt Pop | Chicago, IL


Featured on vlush’s Who 250, single Alternative released in 2018.

Hip Hop/R&B | Minneapolis, MN

Sir Babygirl

Album Biconic released in 2019

Bubblegum Pop | Brooklyn, NY


Album Anywhere But Here released in 2020

Indie/Retro Rock | New York, NY