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October Tastes

GOURDgeous New Music! 🎃

New sync-worthy tracks to FALL in love with curated by Flavorlab‘s music supervision team.
You can find the artists featured on this playlist below:
Miki Fiki

Miki Fiki

Single “How Many Times / Coming Down” released in 2021.

Alternative Pop | Nashville, TN


Single “Drink Rain” and album Take The Cake released in 2021.

Indie Rock | Toronto, ON


Single “Comb” and album Glitra released in 2021.

Electro Pop | UK


Singles “Ruthless” and “More Than A Friend” released in 2021.

Indie Pop | London, UK


Single “Big Cat” released in 2020. P!NCH is the new collectable, tradable, expandable card game. So real you’ll forget its a game.

Indie Pop | The Internet


Single “Internet Stalking” released in 2021. Four singles released in 2020.

Indie Pop | Los Angeles, CA

Adam Melchor

Single “Love Flew Away” and album Melchor Lullaby Hotline Vol. 1 released in 2021.

Folk Pop | Los Angeles, CA

Wilma Laverne Miner

Single “STCY” released in 2021.

Indie Rock | Missoula, Montana

Baby Boys

Album Threesome released in 2021.

genre-bending mischief pop | Minneapolis, MN

illuminati hotties

Album Let Me Do One More released in 2021.

tenderpunk | Los Angeles, CA

Dora Jar

Single “Scab Song,” album Digital Meadow, and EP Three Songs released in 2021.

Indie Rock, Grunge Pop | London, UK/Los Angeles, CA

Your Smith

Single “Man of Weakness (Acoustic)” released in 2020.

Indie Pop/Soul Folk | Los Angeles, CA

Su Lee

Album Box Room Dreams released in 2021.

Indie Pop | Seoul, South Korea

クボタカイ (Kubotakai)

Album 来光(Come Light) released in 2021.

J-Pop, Indie Pop | Fukuoka, Japan


Four singles “Tobu Saihate,” “Your Closet,” “Cruisin’ (Rework),” and “THEME FROM LUPIN III” released in 2021.

J-Pop | Japan

Kala Boti

Singles “Shining” and “Strawberry Ice Cream” released in 2021.

Alternative Soul | Lancaster, UK

Harry Strange

Single “Spare Room” released in 2021.

Indie Pop | London & Bristol, UK

Dan Croll

Album Grand Plan – Live and EP On Top released in 2021.

Pop Rock, Indie Rock | Liverpool, UK & Los Angeles, CA

The Yves

Single “Say You’re In Love” and EP The Blvd released in 2021.

Indietronica | Los Angeles, CA

India Jordan

EP Watch Out! released in 2021.

high-energy, fast-paced dance music | London, UK


Album 12 Songs About Loneliness released in 2021.

Experimental Pop | Nashville, TN

Pinc Louds

Album La Atómica released in 2021.

Indie Rock, Alternative | New York, NY

Terence Etc.

EP Things I Never Had released in 2020.

Alternative Pop | Brooklyn, NY


Singles “Seafoam Green,” “Wallis Pde,” and “Fruit Bats” released in 2021.

Alternative Rock | Melbourne, Australia


Singles “Come to the Party,” “Slow Down, Breathe Out,” and “You Got Me Fallin'” released in 2021.

French House/Nu Disco | Brooklyn, NY

Ingrid Ivorra

Single “You Got Me Fallin'” released in 2021.

Pop Folk | Paris, France


Singles “What You Like,” “Safe In My Arms / YourLove,” and “You’ve Got The Whole Night” released in 2021.

Electronic | London, UK

yuné pinku

Single “What You Like” released in 2021.

noise | London, UK

Strawberry Launch

EP Strawberry Launch and single “Sweet Basil” released in 2021.

Indie Psychedelic | New York, NY


Five singles released in 2021.

bedroom musician | London, UK & Lagos, Nigeria

Charley Crockett

Two albums Music City USA and 10 for Slim: Charley Crockett Sings James Hand released in 2021.

neo-country western | Texas

nickname jos

Two albums HOTWHEELS / TERMS and halcyon released in 2021.

Alternative Rock | Nashville, TN

Haiva Ru

Single “Toxic” and album Bloom Baby Bloom released in 2021.

Indie Rock | Nashville, TN


Singles “What Are You Waiting For?” and “Glitter” out in 2021.

Hip Hop, Soul, R&B | London, UK


Album Where The Flowers Grow released in 2021.

R&B/Soul | London, UK

young friend

Four singles “HEADCASE,” “SUGARCOATED,” “PINCH ME,” and “THERAPY” released in 2021.

bedroom pop | Vancouver, BC

Infinity Song

Album Mad Love (Deluxe) released in 2021.

R&B/Soul | New York, NY

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