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April Tastes

New tunes are blooming 🌸

Spring forward with new sync-worthy tracks curated by Flavorlab‘s music supervision team.
You can find the artists featured on this playlist below:

Boom Forest

Album Zodiac Cashmere released in 2022.

R&B, Pop, Indie | Nashville, TN

Kid Sistr

Single “Palpitations” released in 2022.

Pop Rock | New York

Lonely Twin

Three singles “Pretty,” “Hurts Like It Hit Me,” and “If I Know Myself” released in 2021.

Electronic, Pop | Stockholm, Sweden

Sans Soucis

Single “Foot Forward” released in 2022 and album On Time For Her released in 2021.

Folk, R&B, Pop | London, UK


Singles “NO HALO” and “BABY TEETH” released in 2021.

Pop, R&B | Toronto, ON

Maths Time Joy

Single “Buy U A Drank” released in 2022 and EP Change released in 2021.

R&B, Soul | London, UK


Single “Buy U A Drank” released in 2022 and EP Change released in 2021.

R&B, Soul | Brooklyn, NY


Album Saturn Return released in 2021.

Golden Age Pop | Toronto, ON/Los Angeles, CA

Michal Leah

Three singles “Delusion,” “Bitter,” and “For Me” released in 2021.

Alternative, Indie | Boston, MA


Singles “Good Company” and “Move It To The Side” and EP Healthy Baby Boy, Pt. 1 released in 2021.

Folk, Indie | Edinburg, VA


EP Magnetic released in 2021.

Dream Pop | Copenhagen, Denmark / Toronto, ON


Single “Echoes” and EP Undergrowth released in 2021.

Ambient, Electronic

Dom Ryan

Four singles “Touch Me (Radio Edit),” “Listen To My Heart,” “Hypnosis,” and “LUV” released in 2022.

Electronic | Brighton, UK


Single “I’m Awake” released in 2022 and album Youth Is Wasted on the Young released in 2021.

Techno, House | Brooklyn, NY

Noah in the Open

Single “Street Fighter” released in 2022. Singles “FAKE” and “Use Me” and EP A Short Confession released in 2021.

Indie, Pop | Boston, MA

Arthur Caplan

Four singles “Use Me,” “Kombucha!!,” “For All I Care,” and “swimming in east river” released in 2021.

Bedroom pop, indietronica, hip hop | New York, NY

Cain Culto

Six singles released in 2021.

Alternative, Indie | Los Angeles, CA


Single “sink” released in 2022 and album greenhouse released in 2021.

Alternative, Pop | New York, NY

Shreea Kaul

Single “Ol’ Dude” released in 2022 and single “Ladke” released in 2021.

R&B, Soul | Houston, TX


Single “Ladke” released in 2021.

Jazz, Alt R&B | Los Angeles, CA

Morgan Reese

Album Letters From The Invisible Girl released in 2022.

Alternative, Pop | San Francisco, CA

Kate Bollinger

Singles “Lady In The Darkest Hour” and “Who Am I But Someone” released in 2022. Singles “Yards / Gardens” and “Shadows” released in 2021.

Singer-Songwriter | Richmond, VA

Fulton Lee

Single “White Skates” and album Fulton Lee (The Singles) released in 2022.

Sunshine Funk | Nashville, TN

tiger lili

Single “Lightning” released in 2020.

Folk | Chicago, IL


EP I Don’t Know What This Is released in 2021.

Instrumental, Singer-Songwriter | Oxford/Salisbury, UK

Riley Baron

Single “Enjoy The Ride” released in 2021.

Pop, R&B | Los Angeles, CA


Single “Baby Girl” released in 2021.

Bluesy Rock, R&B | Los Angeles, CA

Public Noise

Single “When The Chaos Comes” released in 2021.

Electronic, Pop


Singles “Walking On The Moon” and “Somebody Else” released in 2022. Singles “Big Shot” and “When The Chaos Comes” released in 2021.

Pop, Electronic | Nashville, TN


Five singles released in 2021.

Indie, R&B, Alternative | Los Angeles, CA


Three singles “Where Do You Go?,” “Always Next Time,” and “More” released in 2021.

Pop, Alternative | Atlanta, GA

Justice Smith

Single “Bed” released in 2021.

Indie, Alternative | Anaheim, CA

Houston Kendrick

Albums Small Infinity and Small Infinity (Acapella) released in 2021.

R&B, Soul | Nashville, TN

Alix Page

Single “Old News” and album Alix Page on Audiotree released in 2022.

Indie, Pop | California

Mini Trees

Album Always In Motion released in 2021.

Living Room Pop | Los Angeles, CA

Sofia Zarzuela

Single “Promise Ring” and EP 121 Elm Street released in 2021.

Alternative, Indie | New York, NY


EP Daydreams released in 2021.

Pastel R&B | Los Angeles, CA

Jamil Houston

Single “Hopeful Cynic” released in 2022 and four singles released in 2021.

Singer Songwriter | West Point, GA

Black Match

Single “Basement Covers I” released in 2021.

Indie, Folk | San Luis Obispo, CA


Album Canyon released in 2021.

Indie Folk | Nashville, TN

Ric Robertson

Album Impromptu Sessions No. 2: Dominic Leslie & Ric Robertson (Trust In Most) released in 2022. Album Carolina Child released in 2021.

Jazz, Funk, Country | New Orleans, LA


Four singles “Dance Around It,” “Heart Bursts,” “White Lies,” and “Next To Normal” released in 2022.

Indie Pop | Brooklyn, NY

Hana Vu

EP Parking Lot released in 2022. Album Public Storage released in 2021.

Alternative, Folk, Indie | Los Angeles, CA

Saint Middleton

Five singles released in 2022.

Alternative, Indie | Nashville, TN

Jordan Critz

Singles “Flö” and “Window Seat” released in 2022.

Folk, Rock | Nashville, TN

Jeffrey East

Single “Window Seat” released in 2022 and four singles released in 2021.

Country | Nashville, TN

Kevin Kuh

EP Process released in 2022.

Classical, Pop, Hip Hop | New York, NY

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