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A Year In Review

It’s been a big year here at Flavorlab. We’ve hired some new faces. We’ve worked on more projects. After receiving a standard earnings report, we compiled all our placement information and figured, “why stop there?” From fashion ads to corporate conference videos and everything in between, here’s a year at Flavorlab.

A Year in Review at Flavorlab

In total the team contributed to 34 different television shows, 16 films, 54 ads, and provided media for 18 events. In total the composers at Flavorlab Score and Producer’s Toolbox scored 327 minutes of music. The Flavorlab Sound team mixed a total of 3,495 minutes of sound (roughly 58 hours of content).

Producer’s Toolbox

In 2018, the catalogue was pleased to add 18 new composers. Our roster as of December 2018 is 254 composers & producers strong. While our main source of royalty income was from the United States, we saw more international royalties this year. A large portion of our royalties came in from the United Kingdom, followed by Australia, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, The Netherlands, France, and the rest of the world.


We broke down the projects we worked on this year by genre.

First, by number of projects:

20.6% Reality Television

13.7% Political/Civic

11.5% Medicine/Insurance

11.5% Corporate

9.9% Fashion

9.9% Scripted Drama

7.6% Arts

5.3% Health & Lifestyle

5.3% Sports

4.6% Science

Then we broke down our work by timecode duration of those projects:

51.8% Reality Television

20.3% Scripted Drama

9.1% Political/Civic

7.1% Health & Lifestyle

4.8% Arts

2.1% Science

4.8% Fashion, Sports, & Corporate


While we spent much of our year staring at screens, ears in headphones or speakers on, we couldn’t have done it without our awesome partners. Our team got to collaborate on 8 immersive audio projects this year. In total, the projects above involved 54 different companies. We hosted 73 voice over sessions. To keep it all fueled, our guests and staff enjoyed 162 sessions snacks. Thanks for a great year!

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