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After Everything with Flavorlab Sound

After Everything, film premiered at SXSW and is in theaters 10/12/2018. Mix & Sound Design by Flavorlab Sound.
Flavorlab Sound was honored to work on sound design for After Everything. The film is in theaters Friday, October 12th.

Initially entitled Shotgun, this dark romantic comedy follows a young couple whose budding relationship develops quickly while one suffers from a tragic illness. After Everything debuted at this year’s South by Southwest Film Festival. Once principal photography wrapped up, Flavorlab joined the project to provide a level of expertise and insight. Directors Hannah Marks and Joey Power of Yale Productions worked closely with Flavorlab’s Head of Audio Post, Brian Quill, to create and edit the underlying soundscape.

“There were so many nuances of sound to consider and when all the elements came together it created a totally different feel,”

said director Hannah Marks. Filmed in empty subway stations and apartment rooftops, the team had to bear in mind the sounds of the city. “They work so fast over there [at Flavorlab]. Brian spent a lot of time working on the dialogue, some of the on-set audio was full of static because there would be noise coming from an air conditioner, and he really cleaned it all up,” she added.

Check out the trailer below.

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