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Creating “Quiet” in Alone Together

Official trailer for 2022 Katie Holmes’ film Alone Together

This week, Lafayette Pictures’ and Yale Productions’ Alone Together had its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival. The pandemic-era romantic drama, written, directed, and produced by Katie Holmes, finds two strangers double booked at an Airbnb in upstate New York as lockdown begins. June, played by Holmes, is a food critic fleeing the city and Charlie, played by Jim Sturgess, is recently heartbroken. With June’s boyfriend, John (Derek Luke), staying behind to take care of his parents, June and Charlie settle in for the long haul.

“It’s a really quiet film,” says re-recording mixer, Brian Quill. Providing dialogue editing, sound editing, and mixing, Flavorlab Sound‘s biggest challenge was keeping the dialogue clear. Whether in a big empty house or on a country road, the intimate talks between June and Charlie had plenty of room to breath. But creating the quiet and quaint of a small town does take some noise, and we had a hometown advantage.

“I really knew how each place sounded. In the end, I think we got a very authentic sounding film.”

Brian Quill, Partner, Re-recording Mixer

Working from his studio in Falls Village, Connecticut, the “upstate AirBnb” was all too familiar. “When I sat down to work on the film, I was excited to see it was shot literally down the road from me. Some of the film is set in NYC, where I lived for 20 years, but most of it took place in Connecticut, just 5 miles from my house,” explains Brian. “I already had a ton of city sounds, so I went out to a few of the locations where the scenes were actually shot.” Using an ambisonic zoom recorder, captured the backdrop of rural Connecticut. Chirping in the trees, running creeks, and far off wind chimes.

To give you an idea, here are a few of our backgrounds:
You can find Alone Together through Thursday, June 16th, at Tribeca & On-Demand HERE

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