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Brunch With Tiffany – Sound for Season 3

Promo for the return of Brunch With Tiffany on VH1

Ah, brunch in the city. The eggs, the waffles, the bottomless mimosas, and most of all, the gossip. While many of us haven’t touched the weekend tradition for the better part of a year, we don’t have to look far to find it. Reality television’s queen of drama, Tiffany “New York” Pollard, has brought it into our homes. After setting out on her search for romance in Flavor of Love and I Love New York, Pollard took to exploring more platonic topics (for the most part). Now in its third season, Brunch With Tiffany features Ms. New York interviewing a range of inspiring and vivacious celebrity guests. Flavorlab Sound provided sound design and mix for the series. Working along side our long time partners and clients at Hell’s Color Kitchen and VH1 through the pandemic, the season continued in October.

“The important thing to find in this kind of show is the mood and tone. Tiffany is bright and friendly, brunch is a daytime thing, so the show needs to bring that out.”

Jon Fordham – Senior Colorist, Hell’s Color Kitchen

Formerly an internet segment, season three broke out of the YouTube mold and brushed up for broadcast. A quintessentially “New York” part of the season is showcasing restaurants and businesses around the city. “One episode was in my neighborhood at a couple of my regular spots. That was neat to see,” commented Brian Quill, head of audio post. Instead of an interview per segment, we see two brunches in one episode. “It differs from other reality television shows in that there isn’t much movement or change in environment,” adds Quill.

In some ways this made the show more straightforward. In others, the team had to zero in on the more subtle changing energy and dynamic. For the color team, this meant creating consistency between still shots and lighting. For sound, consistency in environmental noise and mic placement. Ultimately, whatever would make Tiffany, her guests, and our city pop, not that they need much help!

Check out Brunch With Tiffany here

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