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Cousins for Life

Promo for Cousins For Life on Nickelodeon


Nickelodeon filmed the pilot season of new series, Cousins For Life. The show follows a father and son, Clarke and Stewart. After Clarke’s wife is deployed over sees, the pair move in with Clarke’s brother-in-law and his two children. Stewart and his cousins get into all kinds of adventures while the two dads figure out how to coparent.


Nick asked Flavorlab Score to provide a sitcom style hip hop track. Drawing on popular family comedies of the 90s and early 2000s, Nickelodeon provided the catalogue track which utilized an old school, live kit beat. For the rapper, composers Glenn Schloss and Erik Blicker auditioned several professional hip hop artists. Ultimately they chose Philadelphia based artist, Eno Noziroh, for the final product. The trio had just come off a binaural audio showcase the month prior. Eno performed as part of the showcase for its 360 live show. After recording Eno, the composers added a second vocalist to sing the main title hook, “Cousins for Life.”


The team pulled off a successful collaboration, combining the fun and quirky track with the charismatic rapper. The first season of Cousins For Life aired November 24th, 2018. The promo featuring the track aired internationally.

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