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Flavorlab Sound On Crypto

Flavorlab Sound provided sound design & mix for crime thriller, Crypto

Last month, Flavorlab Sound had a big weekend. Two of our film projects, historical dramedy, Wild Nights With Emily, and crime thriller, Crypto, hit theaters Friday, April 12th. Flavorlab did sound design and mix for Crypto, starring Kurt Russell, Alexis Bledel, Luke Hemsworth, Beau Knapp, and Jeremie Harris.

Director John Stalberg and writer David Frigerio collaborated on Crypto, a story of great significance for David, who is a strong advocate for the future of cryptocurrency. Working with Yale Productions, they filmed the project in May and June of 2018. In post, Yale came to Flavorlab Sound for mixing, ADR, and sound design. Connected through Yale, John found great harmony working with Brian Quill and the Flavorlab team.

“It was awesome. Brian was in charge of each element. He was aware of every layer and truly acted as a one stop shop.”

John Stalberg, Director

Brian’s first goal was continuity. As a sonic identifier for the film’s Russian mafia, Brian took the rumbling engine of the mobsters’ tugboat in one scene and used it as part of the sound for the engine of their van. “Brian was extremely creative in his solutions,” John recalled, “We really vibed and improvised together.”

In another example, Beau Knapp and Alexis Bledel act across each other in several scenes in a local diner. The location was still a functioning diner during the shoot. The shoot captured dishes clanging and the hum of the refrigerator. As the scene transitioned from jovial to serious, Brian utilized the hum to create a more dreamlike atmosphere. He even recorded himself coughing to add the effect of some lonely stranger in the corner of the diner.

“I wanted a thread that ran through the whole film, and in certain moments, that allowed me to build a more surreal environment.”

Brian Quill, Flavorlab’s Head of Audio Post

The mafia, a big bank, and a government agency, so naturally gun shot noises were created. In a team effort, Flavorlab audio engineers handled the creation. “We recorded a variety of metal objects that were later used to accent the gunshots” recalls foley artist, Eric Stern, “This allowed Brian to create a more amplified, cinematic sound in the space.”

Beyond sound design, Flavorlab hosted a few of the film’s actors for ADR sessions. Newscasters on television in the background, a mobster screaming in Russian, Alexis Bledel recording a karaoke scene of “House of The Rising Sun.” “At the end of the day, this is a thriller. We’re here to entertain you,” explains producer, Jon Keeyes, “but I learned quite a bit more about the world of cryptocurrency than I expected and I’m sure other people will, too.” You can find the cyber thriller on-demand or out in theaters now!

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