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Dark Haul

Trailer for feature film, Dark Haul, for SyFy

The Syfy Channel released thriller, Dark Haul, in 2014. Production company, Synthetic Cinema International, contracted Flavorlab’s music and sound teams for the project. Flavorlab Sound composed original music for the film. The team wrote and completed entire score within three weeks. Flavorlab Sound provided sound design and mix for the feature.

Check out Flavorlab’s score for the film here


A team of guardians transports a deadly creature and its half-human sister in an 18-wheeler truck. On their journey from a holding place to a more secure location, they get split apart. A cryptic prophecy separates the group, releasing the sister. The sister has a hidden agenda that undermines the mission. She releases the beast. This starts an all-out battle for the fate of the world. Only then is the true meaning of the prophecy discovered in this thrilling, action packed creature feature.

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