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“It’s Real” with Gramercy Tech

“I love working with Flavorlab on our spatial audio projects. They not only understand the medium, they are constantly pushing the level of creativity in support of narrative storytelling.”

– Jay Miolla, Managing Director of VR/AR/MR at Gramercy Tech

Rappers Eno Noziroh & ChaunSAY Mackin’ perform “It’s Real” with Flavorlab partner, Glenn Schloss

Coinciding with NAB in New York, Flavorlab and Gramercy Tech presented All Things Immersive. At the Flavorlab/Gramercy 360 showcase, attendees tried their hand at AR Basketball, Magic Leap, and a VR Bike Race. Meanwhile, the Flavorlab team ran tutorials with the Neumann binaural head allowing guests to create their own immersive audio experience. “We wanted to show our clients how they could use the head creatively in their own projects through a hands on experience,” explains Dennis Dembeck, lead immersive mixer at Flavorlab. “The real power in the technology comes from the way we can use it to tell stories.”

This new technology reminds me of the wonder I  felt as a child, experiencing iconic entertainment moments such as Star Wars and Blade Runner.”

–Brian Quill, Senior Recording mixer, partner at Flavorlab

Filmed with a 360 camera and ambeo microphone, the video puts the viewer inside the studio. In addition, the rappers and drum kit were individually miked, then spatially placed in post production using Facebook 360. Once published, the video was previewed at the 360 Showcase culminating with a live performance by Chance and Eno. Lights, audience, and all.

Check out a wrap up of the showcase below:
And our tests with the binaural head before the project:

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Featured image by Louis A. Moore | 1193 Productions LLC