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Flavorlab Helps “Promposal” Go Viral

Airing May 14th, MTV’s Promposal has become a hit summer series. The show follows high school students as they deliver over-the-top invitations to to the biggest dance of the year: prom. Flavorlab Sound worked with the MTV team, providing mix for the debut season. Here’s how our intrepid make this adolescent magic.

“Everyone is involved. Dennis, Catherine, Bumi, and I all have a hand in mixing each episode. It helps us focus on really getting into an audience member’s head and letting the show’s voice shine through.”

-Brian Quill, Head of Audio Post

“Maintaining workflow is really important,” explains audio engineer and composer, Bumi Hidaka. “When you sit down to do a thorough mix that’ll take all day, you want to make sure you’ve done all the prep work. Otherwise, you’ll start your session off annoyed. It’s hard to get in the right frame of mind from there. Having all of us working together and on the same page really helps with that.”

Each show we mix has its own auditory vision that our engineers strive to actualize. With every vision comes a new set of challenges. We pride ourselves on rising to meet and surpass them.

“It’s a really fun show. Just pure entertainment,” says Brian. “It’s such a high-energy, dynamic show. I have to be very precise in the way I mix the music. For example, there has to be a big, important moment when the promposal is answered. I have to make sure the music builds with it without obscuring any of the natural energy of the moment.”

“One of the neatest things we did with Promposal was remove extra voices from single audio sources. Before, I didn’t think it was impossible,” continued Brian. “We used the new RX 6 plugin from Izotope on this project. It was a really significant step up over anything else we have used for spectrographic analysis. It was still brutally difficult to do, but as exact as the spectrograms were, we were able to study the waveforms and pick out the thread of each voice. Once we figured that out, we cut out the voice we didn’t want whenever it started masking the main voice.”

Promposal wrapped its first season July 3rd, 2017. Cable customers can catch it on MTV.

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