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Flavorlab Producer’s Toolbox – Winter Releases

In Winter 2018, Flavorlab’s Producer’s Toolbox dropped three new playlists: Fresh & Chill, New Indie Mix, and Epic Steps. Each was meticulously crafted by Flavorlab’s Matt Block, Director of Music Licensing, to highlight the new sounds and moods found in the catalog.

“Each quarter we like to highlight the fresher sounds that we have available in the catalog. The Fresh & Chill and New Indie playlists, for example, lead with a lot of sounds that you might find on the radio,” Matt explains, “whereas some of the strong, percussive, and more dramatic tracks heard in Epic Steps give off a more hard-hitting, action vibe.”

“As I was picking these tracks I kept asking myself, ‘what are the coolest tracks that we’ve published in the past month or so and how can we best communicate that?”

– Matt Block, Director of Licensing at Flavorlab

The Producer’s Toolbox connects the music from hundreds of composers to the ears of producers, supervisors, and showrunners. Expect to find the newest songs updated on an ever growing library filled with premium content. Flavorlab is always on the lookout for the freshest sounds in music today from creators all around the world. With a huge range of genres and styles, the platform aims to be as accessible as it is dynamic. The latest playlists illustrate just a fraction of the expansive collection.

“All the new releases were fun to work on, but I liked the Fresh & Chill playlist the most. It uses a lot of synths and in general has a lot of tones that would be popular from a consumer perspective, like something you’d listen to on Spotify. The best part about this though is having a chance to showcase what we’ve been doing musically.”

Check out the Flavorlab Producer’s Toolbox to learn more about the dynamic sounds offered on our platform and keep an eye out on future releases.

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