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Frog Legs

Flavorlab provided sound design, mix, and score for The Animation Project‘s (TAP) short, Frog Legs.


After a demo short created by The Animation Project’s intern program, the studio decided to refine Frog Legs for release. Dan Shefelman, former creative director, tasked Flavorlab Score with creating original music for the film and Flavorlab Sound with sound design and mix.

Goals & Process

With an initial pass of sound done, the brief asked for a more classic cartoon feel to accompany the cat and mouse dynamic in the story. The sound team filled out the remainder of the sound design, emphasizing the sizzling pans and exaggerated hops of our amphibious protagonist. Our frog was also brought to life by voice over artist, Elena Melener.

While short, the film explores a number of visual and auditory environments. Namely, when the frog leaps out of the animator’s screen and escapes the clutches of the chef. Our sound team worked on blending the sounds of a cartoon atmosphere with the natural sounds in the editing room. The score team whipped up a laid back, but tense guitar based track to compliment this brief, but harrowing adventure.


TAP released the project in December 2019 with a score & mix that balanced between the animated and the actual. TAP continues to offer virtual learning programs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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