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The Butcher

Flavorlab Producer’s Toolbox providing custom cues for the first season of History Channel’s The Butcher.


Since the air of Master Chef, competition shows reign supreme in the world of reality television. Networks from MTV to HGTV challenge expert craftsmen to win the ultimate prize. History Channel is no different. From Forged In Fire to American Pickers, they captivate audiences with skills of old. One such skill is butchery. Welcome, The Butcher. Much like its cooking show counterparts, The Butcher pits four of the country’s best against one another in three rounds. They chase the perfect cuts resulting in the best price per pound. Production company, Railsplitter, enlisted Producer’s Toolbox to provide music for the new series.

Goals & Process

The show’s team wanted to define The Butcher’s place amongst History’s popular offerings. The music was to be familiar, but fresh, and full of suspense. The overall genre marries garage rock and electronica. The team called on a number of tried and true rockers on the roster. Highly percussive ambient tracks drive contestants to the finish line. Ambiguous and reverberant guitar lines see the losers out.

The bulk of the cues combine industrial elements with driving, rhythmic guitars. From existing catalogue tracks, the producers selected a handful. Then, the composers got to work. They wrote dozens of cues based on the initial examples. After a couple rounds of edits, the team placed tracks in categories tension, guitar leaning, and electronic leaning. 


Producer’s Toolbox tracks make up over 40% of the show’s total music run time. Three albums offered on the catalogue are made up of cues from the show. Industrial Rock Volume 01, Industrial Rock Volume 02, and Rocktronica Volume 01.

Flavorlab Producer's Toolbox

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