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Holiday Wrap Up 2020

Cover photo for our 2020 holiday wrap up - Flavorlab Sound work on five television holiday films this year!

Today, we review our last sessions and send our last emails before we log off and kick back. As we sink into our slippers and fire up the egg nog, we can rest assured knowing we had a hand in this year’s long distance cheer. It has been quite a year at Flavorlab, and while many things have changed, the Christmas season has not. In fact, in 2020, holiday content was at a high. From Lifetime to Hallmark to NBC, our audio elves worked hard to give this strange year’s end some jolly magic.

While the fall is usually a flurry of Yuletide antics, Flavorlab Sound upped their quota with sound design and mix for five television holiday films. On Hallmark, a tune-filled showcase of Music City in A Nashville Christmas Carol and Broadway royalty turned actual royalty in One Royal Holiday. On Lifetime, a relationship expert podcast host finds love in Dear Christmas, a single dad’s meddling kids set him up in Feliz NaviDAD, and entrepreneur rivals turn to romance in People Presents: Once Upon a Main Street.

“It feels good. It feels like we’re growing. We’re developing a shorthand with our clients and making better work.”

Brian Quill, Head of Audio Post

Taking on the season from his studio in Connecticut, head of audio post, Brian Quill, found a good flow. With production timelines backed up, but post-production delivery dates the same, and other projects coming in and out, efficiency was necessary. “Working with Eric and the team from afar, as always, was great. On my end, the lack of commute definitely helped with this volume of work,” he laughed. When it came to mixing, the team found the distance didn’t slow them down a bit. With new environments came new ways of working. “There’s something to be said for setting up your space yourself. With the move to remote, I’ve found myself switching between monitors and headphones quite a bit,” Brian continued. “Headphones throw you into the details. Listening this way gives me more perspective on my work and my skillset keeps improving.”

Excited to tread on new ground, Flavorlab dove into post with Team Two Entertainment, for the first time, on A Nashville Christmas Carol. For the rest, they were glad to reunite with trusted clients Hartbreak Films and Synthetic Cinema International for another year of cheer.

Bundle up with some of our work below:

Dear Christmas

Feliz NaviDAD

A Nashville Christmas Carol

People Presents: Once Upon A Main Street

One Royal Holiday

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