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Film and Television composer team

This team is best known for their original theme for ABC’s, ‘The View,’ original score for HBO’s documentary, ‘The Nine Lives of Marion Barry,’ and scores for Primetime Emmy award-winning show, ‘Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown. Erik Blicker and Glenn Schloss have firmly established themselves in the world of TV and Film composition.

Blicker and Schloss are also one of the top played artists on ESPN.

The duo teamed up in 1997 to score VH1’s Top 100 series. G&E Music was born and later rebranded as Flavorlab Score in 2004. After rebranding, a run of custom scoring projects followed. Some of the projects include ‘Megan Kelley Presents,’ History Channel’s, ‘Extreme History With Roger Daltrey,’ Wildcard The Downfall of a Radio Loudmouth for HBO Sports, and several musical campaigns for PBS KIDS.

Partner, Composer, Producer

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Erik Blicker began studying guitar at the age of 11. At 18, he opened a teaching studio and music store. After receiving his bachelor’s in music from the University of Miami, he earned his Master’s Degree in composition and Theory from Aaron Copeland School of Music, studying with Jazz great Jimmy Heath.

Blicker began scoring for small film and TV projects while playing in New York City bands, which paved the way for larger scale projects. He founded G&E Music in 1997 with his musical collaborator Glenn Schloss and began a run of TV series soundtracks. These projects would lead to films scores by Blicker and Schloss. Currently, Blicker has over 75 projects to his name.

Partner, Composer, Producer

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Glenn Schloss received a Bachelor’s in business at Boston University’s School of Management. While studying in Boston, Glenn immersed himself in the vibrant local music scene becaming a first call musician for many top Boston bands. He refined his music skills performing at Berklee School of Music and Harvard University.

A performer, producer, drummer, keyboard player and remixer, Glenn has composed countless soundtracks for NBC, A&E, PBS, VH1, ESPN and HBO Films. Glenn’s passion for drumming and rhythm inspired For Vibration, a modern day drum circle that is connecting people through the power of rhythm. One of his greatest rewards in life is helping people with Alzheimer’s disease rediscover their rhythm.

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