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The Baltimore City Deconstruction Project

Flavorlab Score and Flavorlab Sound were honored to score, sound design, and mix The Baltimore Deconstruction Project, produced for Humanim, Inc

In July, Mutual of America tasked Jeff Schwartz of Primalux Video, Inc. with creating a video for the winner of their Community Partnership Award, as he has every year for the last twenty years. This year, the award went to Humanim’s Baltimore City Deconstruction Project. After a trip to Baltimore, Jeff called on his longtime creative partners, Flavorlab partners Glenn Schloss, Erik Blicker, and Brian Quill. “When it was time for sound, of course I went to Flavorlab. They’ve taken my projects to the next level for over a decade,” he said.

“I always look forward to this project. However, being in Baltimore was especially great because I could physically see the changes made to these buildings and the community.”

– Jeff Schwartz, Primalux Video, Inc.

Jeff delivered a hook and Glenn and Erik turned it into the entire score. Initially, Glenn provided vocals that were only meant for the scratch track. His addition received very positive client feedback and, as a result, ended up in the final version. For vocals, the team brought on Cindy Mizelle. “It was great getting Cindy in the studio again. She’s done several of these over the years and the emotional impact her voice has is heart warming and inspirational,” said Erik. In it’s final form, the track closes out the video. The video moved on to mixing with Brian Quill, head of audio post.

“It’s really gratifying to collaborate with Jeff and create music that connects and celebrates the whole community.”

– Glenn Schloss, Flavorlab Co-founder

Find more on Humanim, their partners, and their work in Baltimore here.

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