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Lifetime’s Ten: Murder Island

Official Poster for Ten: Murder Island

Ten: Murder Island follows the story of 10 teens invited on a weekend getaway at an abandoned house on an island. The film is based on horror novel Ten by Gretchen McNeil, which was based on Agatha Christie’s 1939 novel And Then There Were None. The group is ready for three days of partying. Those plans halt when a mysterious killer starts attacking the teens one by one.

“With a large ensemble of teens, we had a lot of work to do to make sure this project sounded as clean and real as possible. Not only were we dealing with the sound of 10 actors, but the sound of the filming location.”

Eric Stern, Foley recordist engineer and sound editor

The Flavorlab team had the privilege of working on this unique film, providing full audio post production and music replacement. Ten: Murder Island kept our hands full with many exciting challenges. Shot in a creaky old house, every time someone stepped or shifted their weight it made a sound. To fix this, we brought in the actors to record ADR and did extensive sonic restoration. We used a combination of on-set and in studio takes for the final cut.

Along with full audio post, we were also able to supply some of the music. Director, Chris Robert, needed to replace a track for the bonfire scene. Our music catalog presented him many options for the scene. Director of Music Licensing, Matt Block immediately knew the perfect one. “The original track was very dark and aggressive. We wanted to match that energy and keep a similar tempo to make sure the timing of the scene still fit well with it.” Matt noted the scene has a very “twisted” vibe. This made the song “Got It Twisted,” even more perfect. Chris was pleased to have a perfect solution to his problem within minutes of his request. In the end getting our hands on multiple audio aspects for this project was incredibly effective for our client.

Check out Ten: Murder Island on Lifetime, until October 22nd, 2017.

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