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“Just Like Trees”

“Just Like Trees” by KSV for the American Forest Foundation


The American Forest Foundation (AFF) commissioned environmental marketing collective, KSV Agency, to create their “Just Like Trees” campaign. The PSA aims to connect with environmentalists and private forest landowners on the importance of protecting our trees. The campaign features twig figures created by multi media artist, Chris Kenny. Flavorlab Score provided music search and original music for the video. Flavorlab Sound provided sound design.


The foundation wanted strictly organic sounds. With the exception of the sound of a camera turning on in the beginning, engineer, Ryan Hobler, put the PSA firmly in the woods. For musical direction, the team was asked for swelling, cinematic, and minimal. Partner, Glenn Schloss, worked with our licensing team to provide a number of options to the agency. Ultimately they decided on synthy, building track “Unforgiven.”

The dramatic shift in the campaign comes as our humanoid twigs are met with natural disasters. The PSA begins with a scene backed by sounds of teaming wildlife and an ethereal score. The music then fades to nothing. In place of the bird calls, fire crackling rolls into wind whipping rolls into insects buzzing. Our placid forest returns slowly with the score building into a poignant, percussive drive to the end. In addition to the soundscape, the sound team provided voice over casting and remote recording the the project.


Flavorlab delivered a dynamic audio experience for a rapidly shifting visual. The sound team and marketing agency achieved another successful collaboration. The American Forest Foundation was pleased with the campaign and aired in in November 2020.

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