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Megyn Kelly Presents

Opening for Megyn Kelly Presents on FOX


FOX Television Group and May Avenue Productions hired Flavorlab Score for celebrity interview show, Megyn Kelly Presents. The prime time show needed theme music for the show open.


The team worked with veteran Executive Producer, Bill Geddie (The View, The Barbara Walters Special, The 10 Most Fascinating People). Our mission was to create a provocative, inspirational, and modern theme song. It was crucial for the team to musically convey the intellectual and emotional essence of the show. It’s based on a foundation of elegant, hard driving, humorous, and exciting interviews with the world’s most influential celebrities.

While Bill professed that he’s “not a music guy,” he had a clear vision for the theme song. He provided the team with solid musical references to inspire the framework. The composers carefully analyzed the tracks to determine what made them exciting. Then, they delved into creating the theme.


Bill Geddie loved what the team did with his vision. Flavorlab Score received final approval for the theme music with virtually no revisions from both FOX and May Avenue Productions. Nearly five million viewers tuned into the show’s debut.

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