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Hyping a #WholeNewGame: The Sounds of The NBA Restart

NBA Official 2020 Season Restart Announcement

The NBA is back to finish its 2020 season. “Seeding” games kicked off the remainder of the season July 30th in Orlando, Florida. The entire season will take place at Walt Disney World and Resort with games isolated to the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. No tickets. No fans. Strict health and safety protocol to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The league announced the #WholeNewGame format just over a week ago, releasing a 90 second promo. In the name of pandemic basketball, Flavorlab Score and Flavorlab Sound came off the bench to provide original score, sound design, and mix for the announcement.

With Skitch Design Group wrapping visuals, Flavorlab started on score. The producers asked for an uptempo, percussion heavy track. Feel good, erratic, and reminiscent of shorter, dynamic ad spots. A dream project for drums, Skitch asked the team to run wild and record a number of fills and beats before picture was locked. Setting the tempo to 120 and letting loose, they created various arrangements of fills, break beats on the drum kit, and mixed in electronic drums to reference this new digital era of sports.

Flavorlab Sound took over from there. While the music team edited these fills to picture, Sound locked these moments with the text. They added swells and breaks and sound design hits to emphasize every word on screen and amplify the score running into transitions. With the addition of commentators and crowd sounds, the anticipation is palpable.

A message from the NBA on COVID-19 featuring Producer’s Toolbox

After the season start, the NBA put out a PSA to wear a mask. The league wants to promote beating COVID, together. The thirty second spot features a track from Flavorlab’s Producer’s Toolbox, It’s a New Days, by composer Brandon Ross!

2020 NBA Season & Playoffs
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