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  Flavorlab & Nickelodeon International


Viacom & Nickelodeon needed new System IDs and Bumpers. The animated moments had to capture the fun and quirky tone throughout Nickelodeon’s programming. The kids’ network hired Flavorlab Score to remix their theme for a range of season animations. Our sound team created sound design blended with the score.

Process & Goals

Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. have a demographic ranging from toddlers to older children. Aiming for a younger crowd, upbeat and playful was the name of the game. Collaborating with Nick International’s senior producer, Simone Smith, Bumi Hidaka worked on sound design. The duo set out to create this childlike playfulness in each bumper and ID. Sound or score, each holiday presented a unique challenge. From Halloween to Easter, the branding had to balance seasonal sonic landscapes with out-of-the-box music. Pushing the challenge further, the Flavorlab Score team gave Christmas a few twists.

The composers rewrote Nick’s theme in reggae, Bollywood, and dubstep. To achieve the Yuletide magic in non-classical genres, they had to deconstruct the fundamental instrumentation in each genre. The iconic bass in reggae, the high energy percussion in Bollywood, and the searing synths of dubstep. To keep the holiday spirit intact, they used vibraphones, tambourines, and sleigh bells.


Flavorlab Sound delivered the branded, whimsical sounds. Simone’s open minded, flexible approach helped everything flow very smoothly. The Nickelodeon team was very pleased with the results. Flavorlab’s work was featured on Nickelodeon for a full year. After the project, Simone shared her thoughts on working with us. “Working with Glenn and Bumi at Flavorlab was such a pleasure. They deliver great work, offer competitive pricing, and are always willing to go that extra mile. I’ve turned to Flavorlab multiple times when I need something in a pinch and they never let me down. I highly recommend Flavorlab for all of your audio needs!”

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