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PBS Kids “Rube Goldberg”

PBS Kids “Rube Goldberg”


Create musical score and sound design for PBS System ID’s and Kart Kingdom, an interactive game created by PBS KIDS. Here is their “Rube Goldberg” machine promo.


We spent two years creating national and local System Cues and IDs for PBS KIDS. From there, this unique opportunity was born. Matthew Kennedy, Senior Creative Director, developed a house band of wacky musicians for the System IDs. It was so successful, it ultimately became the musical force behind Kart Kingdom.

Under Kennedy’s superb direction, our motley crew jammed to a unique, quirky mix of musical styles and grooves that was anything but traditional! We played along to Kart Kingdom’s interactive world. We scored it with big, sudden changes, unexpected twists and turns, and of course, a whole lotta laughs!


We created a kaleidoscopic musical score and did all the sound design for this groundbreaking interactive game. PBS KIDS’ Director of Products, Scott Cummings, Production Associate, Jennifer Chen, and the entire team were thrilled with the results. Working with Matthew Kennedy was simply amazing – he was a true collaborator every step of the way and it was a privilege to help him fulfill his brilliant creative vision!

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