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Producer’s Toolbox Show Credits & Brands

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Flavorlab Producer’s Toolbox is an exclusive one-stop music catalog built to inspire your story. Our library features 7,000+ tracks from over 300 composers and independent artists. Below are some of the shows and brands we’ve been proud to work with!


Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: Custom score & licensing.
History Channel's The Butcher: catalog scoring collaboration & blanket licensing.
CBS Sports Network: music licensing
NCIS: music licensing
Stripped: blanket music licensing
Love & Hip Hop: blanket music licensing
Promposal: blanket music licensing
Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Season 5: Custom score & licensing.
Catfish: The TV Show: blanket licensing for over 7 seasons.
Sports Center: Custom score and blanket licensing
Are You The One?: catalog collaboration and blanket music licensing
Beerland Season 1: blanket music licensing
Wonderama: custom score & music licensing
Landing Up: custom score & music licensing
Vice on HBO: music licensing.
Oprah's Winfrey's OWN: music licensing.
Uncommon Sense with Charlamagne: music licensing
Are You The One: Second Chances: blanket music licensing
Family Pictures USA on PBS: music licensing
Heritage Road Season 1: music licensing
My Super Sweet 16: blanket music licensing
The Today Show: Custom score & licensing.
Racing Wives Season 1: Blanket licensing
Don't Be Tardy: catalog scoring collaboration & blanket music licensing
MTV's Suspect: music licensing
Off The Bat: blanket music licensing
Official poster for Lifetime's Ten: Murder Island. Producer's Toolbox provided music licensing for the film.
Basketball Wives: blanket music licensing


VICE: Producer's Toolbox has provided custom score for VICE shows, as well as music licensing for VICE HBO and advertising partnerships through the network.
Provided music license for perfume debut at Juicy Couture.
Provided music licensing for Bic pens.
Callaway: recurring music license for clubs.
Provided music license for Michelob Ultra's TEAM Ultra running campaign

Provided music licensing for Chipotle's Farm To Foil campaign
Provided music license to MAC's Kabuki Magic campaign.
Provided music supervision and licensing for Jo Malone.
Music licensing for American Express
Provided music licensing for Mail Chimp
Provided music supervision and licensing for Laura Mercier

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