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Spring Placements From Producer’s Toolbox

Vice’s Chipotle Farm To Foil Campaign

Moving into summer, Flavorlab’s Producer’s Toolbox can be heard in a number of advertising and television spots. Chipotle debuted a series of videos behind the scenes at their shops. With the help of VICE, they guide us through the process of what goes into your burrito: from the farmers in the avocado grove to the grillers on the early morning shift. Our placement featuring “You Win” by The Groovees can be found in the video above.

AT&T debuted a new advertising campaign this spring, created by Dieste, that details why Just OK Is Not OK. The campaign features bilingual actors creating each ad in both English and Spanish.

Finally, History Channel’s new show, The Butcher, features a slew of tracks from the catalogue. On The Butcher, master butchers from across the country compete to deliver the best cuts to a panel of judges. A number of our composers delivered custom tracks to match the industrial sounds of butchers in competition. Placements range from underscore tensions cues to guitar driven swagger. In the first four episodes, we’ve had over 230 drops that account for 43% of the show’s total music. The Butcher airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on the History Channel.

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