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“The Loud Song” for Nickelodeon’s The Loud House


Nickelodeon hired Flavorlab Score to write the theme for The Loud House. Creative director, Simone Smith, came in with a concrete creative vision. She wanted to turn a nursery rhyme into a jam.


The show features eleven loud siblings under one roof. That meant the theme needed some chaos. Composed by Dennis Dembeck, the song features Ryan Hobler on vocals. A fast paced cue, the song required Ryan to sing complicated, alliterative lines very quickly. The singer viewed this as an exciting challenge. Hobler’s ability to sing the tongue-twister lines allowed Dennis and the team to avoid relying on technology. They shaped the song around how fast he could go. Foregoing time stretching gave the track a more natural build and feel.

Flavorlab founders, Erik Blicker and Glenn Schloss, played bass and drums on the track respectively. As players, they couldn’t rely on a click track. They had to keep up with Ryan’s voice and tempo changes, which provided them a fun challenge. As producers, they modeled the track after the theme’s original composer, Eric Valentine. A leader in the style, the team modeled his techniques, for example, micing the snare drum through a guitar amp to give it extra pop.


Nickelodeon approved the track and The Loud House team thought it was perfect. As the promo aired, the Flavorlab team discovered they’d also had a hand in the musical bumpers. Sound engineer, Bumi Hidaka, created these short intros and outros keeping in mind Nick’s core brand aesthetic. “The Loud Song” won a Cynopsis Kids Imagination Gold and a Promax Gold Award for original song in a promotional short. Way to go team!

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