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3 Tips For Post Production Professionals Working From Home

Partner, Glenn Schloss at his home studio
Flavorlab Partner, Glenn Schloss, at his home studio

While the doors stay closed and the masks stay on, the show must go on. We have some new coworkers, the commute’s basically non-existent, but otherwise, it’s business as usual here at Flavorlab. It’s no secret the lives of audio engineers have always been isolated ones. Screen face, odd hours, locking ourselves in dark rooms.

This means the transition to homebound life has done little to slow us down. However, for our producer counterparts, the online landscape may be more of a transition. As you juggle colorists, editors, sync houses, budgets, schedules, and us, here are some quick considerations to get the most out of your sound review:

1. Is your internet slow?
Find out the maximum internet speed that is offered where you live. Knowing about your internet connection is an invaluable resource for planning, downloading, and uploading.

2. How is your team listening?

As producers, suddenly you’ve gone from in-studio review, sitting side by side with your team, to the best you can do at home. Maybe one of you owns a nice pair of studio headphones, someone set up speakers on their bedroom desk, and another might be rocking AirPods at the kitchen table. This means you’re all hearing the same thing slightly differently. Where you are sitting can do the same. Your environment affects how you hear. It can be something obvious like the patter of paws in the apartment above you or the discreet, constant hum of your refrigerator. As Glenn said, listen to a previously approved mix in your new space. This will help your ears re-calibrate

We strive for consistency, in-studio or at home, so relaying inconsistencies to us can help us better identify whether its an issue with the mix or an issue with the environment. Talk to your team about their setup and if something’s still not sounding right, ask your engineer for some advice on your setup.

3. Are you comfortable?
Invest in a good chair or find a spot you can settle in to at home. “When things get altered or aren’t set perfectly, it’s like driving a car you’ve never driven before. Nothing is in the same place. The ergonomic layout of my work station plays a big role in how I work. The biggest thing, actually, was getting a nice chair for my home office,” adds our partner and head of audio post, Brian Quill.


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