Our team is a creative close knit group of talented audio post experts, sound designers, musicians and mixers who help producers, creative directors and film makers tell stories with audio.

Flavorlab™ specializes in a complete set of audio services for feature films, scripted and unscripted television, commercials, trailers and video games

Fifteen years strong and founded by Erik Blicker, Glenn Schloss and Brian Quill, Flavorlab provides high quality audio services in the most efficient, creative and cost effective way possible for clients like Lexus, Ralph Lauren, MTV, HBO, NBCUNI and Synthentic Cinema.


  Flavorlab’s Matt Block will be across the pond for The London Sync Sessions (Oct. 19-21) and tweeting live updates from Flavorlab's Twitter! The London Sync Sessions - Unique panels, strategic discussions. World leaders across music and media brought together in one legenda... Read More »

Sep 30 2015