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Brandon Marchant


Brandon Marchant

UK-based Brandon Marchant is a self-described ‘musical chameleon’ and his work for The Producer’s Toolbox so far is certainly proof of that. With tracks spanning the genres of hip-hop, R&B, rock and classical music, Marchant makes it clear that he is comfortable composing in a variety of styles and has an understanding of a diverse range of instruments.

His first works were completed at age five – in his home country of Canada – when Marchant would ask his piano teachers to write out notations for him. The multi-instrumentalist attended conservatories and art schools before pursuing a degree at York University in Toronto, where he studied orchestral composition, world music and free-form piano/vocal instrumentation.

For twenty years, Marchant has worked as a professional musician, writing for film, commercials, TV network series, video games, podcasts and other artists. He has made appearances on Canadian national television and received an award from the Canadian Music Centre for orchestral composition. Marchant also founded his own company and studio, “Resonant Frequency”.

Find out more about Brandon Marchant on his official website, or LISTEN to some of his Producer’s Toolbox tracks!

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