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Dan Villalobos

Dan Villalobos

Daniel Villalobos

The pulsing, intricate electronica of Dan Villalobos has travelled far and wide. Born and raised in Mexico, the composer and producer worked in the US and Australia for several years but is now based in the UK.

Though he was composing his own music by his early teens, Villalobos was also eager to stretch his recording legs and started on that path as an assistant engineer to Laurence Eaves (Lovvers, Beirut), working with artists such as The Kabeedies, The Loyal Few and Kenny Bernard. A workshop with 5-time Grammy award-winning recording and mixing engineer Bruce Swedien (Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Jennifer Lopez) at WestViking Studios was one of many other experiences which solidified Villalobos’ expertise in this area.

As a composer, he isn’t any less prolific. Villalobos has left his unique mark on productions such as ‘Conway Street’ (a soap drama on Portsmouth’s Express FM), Maddison Wilson’s debut single ‘The Fight’, and even put together a soundtrack of thrilling and catchy melodies for Melbourne’s Roaming Studio’s iOS/Android game ‘Roaming Ninja’.

Villalobos is also an avid remix producer and is currently working on a dance pop collaboration dubbed DanceNaytion with Nayomi Pattuwage.

Find out more about Dan Villalobos on his official website, or LISTEN to some of his Producer’s Toolbox tracks!

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