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Flavorlab Bob Dylan Painting to End Hunger

One of BOB DYLAN’S Causes 

FLAVORLAB DRIVE TO END HUNGER: We threw a holiday bash to help end Hunger

On December 10th in New York City, Flavorlab and the creative community came together to celebrate Bob Dylan’s laureate achievement and pay tribute to End Hunger, a charity close to the nobel prize winner’s heart.  In the spirit of the 1960’s, music and art converged on Flavorlab as guests were treated to an interactive night of amazing creativity.

The Dylan portrait was created collaboratively with over 70 people during a live music performance at Flavorlab in New York City. The house band was honored to have Rob Stoner, former Bob Dylan bandmate on bass and vocals as they played some of Dylan’s classic tunes including Hurricane, Like a Rolling Stone, The Ballad of Hollis Brown and many others.  New York artist and Live Forever Co Founder, Lauren Rudolph creatively directed the portrait as guests were encouraged to participate and paint throughout the course of the evening.

This beautiful piece of artwork sold at auction with all proceeds going to the End Hunger Network.

Jerry Michaud
End Hunger Network

“Hey, Glenn. We received a check from CharityBuzz for the Bob Dylan portrait auction. Terrific job. I shared the video and all the information with Jeff Bridges who thought it was “totally cool, man!”
I think I caught him in a Lebowski moment.

Take care and thank you for your support.”

  End Hunger Network