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ESPN Sports Center

Flavorlab Score delivered 3 album’s worth of modern rock tunes to ESPN, a custom sound library for use on its popular game highlights program, Sports Center. Specifically branding the baseball segment of Sports Center. Nope, it’s not Incubus playing those hard-hitting chords you heard accompanying Johnny Damons World Series home run, but Flavorlab Score’s Glenn Schloss and Erik Blicker, rocking out in their NYC recording studio.

According to Blicker, the duo wrote and recorded ten songs all over the modern rock map in just two weeks, covering many bases with tunes echoing Dave Matthews and John Mayer to the more aggressive and raw sounds of Lenny Kravitz, Jett, and Linkin Park. With only a week to compose the music, Schloss and Blicker ramped up production, hashing out ideas on Roland V-Drums and Line 6 Pod guitars, and later re-recording live drums and guitars on the best 10 of 15 songs written.

G&E used the V-Drum kick in addition to the live drum kit, maintaining the ability to change kicks later to match different bass sounds. Rock guitars were recorded using a Marshall stack, occasionally doubling up on some of the Pod tracks. Schloss reports that as opposed to some of G&E’s recent creations, there were “not too many bells and whistles on this project–just pure rock-n-roll. Lots of drums, lots of bass, and a ton of screaming guitars.
Under a tight deadline, Schloss and Blicker were still finishing up arrangements in Studio B, while Flavorlab Sound’s Brian Quill was mixing on Pro Tools HD in Studio A. Working in tandem, Flavorlab delivered the final mixes to ESPN creative director Claude Mitchell at the end of the two weeks. Flavorless Score delivered more tracks than originally contracted and ESPN had a tough decision selecting their ten favorites. The guys really hit a home run on this one.
About Flavorlab Score
Favorlab Score produces music and sound design for film, television, commercials, corporate presentations and the web. Our team of composers write in all musical styles. We have worked with many talented producers in the industry and continue to develop strong relationships with our clients.