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Audio Post Production

Flavorlab is a full service Audio Post Production Studio. Our team has worked on award winning documentaries, feature length films, and television shows. In our 3 fully calibrated and bass-managed studios, we deliver stereo and 5.1 surround sound mixes to a diverse set of clients. We also work with Binaural microphones, Ambisonic Recording and Decoding, and 3D Audio Design to create realistic and immersive 3D audio experiences.

Dialogue and Audio Restoration

We’ll take your production audio to the next level with our top-shelf arsenal of noise restoration and reduction software, including the award winning iZotope RX & CEDAR DNS-ONE.

Sound Design

Bring your film to life with our custom Sound Design services. Whether the goal is a punchy :15 second promo or a feature length surround sound movie, our team will create an immersive sonic world to go along with any visual project.


ADR is a tedious but crucial step in clarifying your film’s dialogue. Flavorlab can help make the process efficient and simple, no matter what the scale, with our ADR-ready facility available when you need it.

Re-Recording Mixing

Our mixers understand how crucial dynamic progression is to the emotional impact of a film. Whether it’s a car chase, love scene, or zombie apocalypse, Flavorlab’s creative team will deliver a fully immersive sonic world to match your visual world.


Foley is a nuanced and often subtle step in creating a detailed & immersive environment for your film. Our creative team performs every handshake, high five, footstep, and clothing rustle sound live to picture. From Fully Filled M&E’s to simple production sound reinforcement, Flavorlab will capture the subtly in every character movement and interaction.

Remote and Local Recording

Our facility is fully tested and ready to record via ISDN and Source-Connect. Our Phone Patch service lets you supervise a session from the comfort of your own home or from across the country.

Voice Over Casting

Flavorlab is part of a diverse network of Voice Over actors and agencies, giving us access to the best of the best. No matter the style or direction, we’ll help cast the perfect match for your project.

Voice Over Record

With two fully treated sound booths to choose from, our facility is ready to record high-quality Voice Overs for any project. Our mic collection includes the industry-standard Neumann U87, Sennheiser 416, TLM 103, and more.

Custom Scoring by our sister company Flavorlab Score

Our talented in-house composers can match even the trickiest of references. We’ll compose a custom musical backdrop for any feature length film, promo, television show, or visual project in any genre or style.

Music Supervision by Flavorlab TunePilots™

Work with us to create the perfect soundtrack for your project. Our Music Supervisors pull from diverse libraries and help you get clearance on the hippest tracks out there, delivering powerful and emotional music that communicates directly with your audience.

Music Catalog by Flavorlab Producer's Toolbox

The Producer’s Toolbox is a highly-selective, boutique music catalog curated exclusively by Flavorlab. With over 3,000 songs and 100 contributing composers, the Toolbox is an important resource for all your music-related needs. Search through the catalog yourself or let one of our expert music supervisors make you a playlist.