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Heritage Road

Over the Summer of 2017, Flavorlab had the opportunity to work on its first podcast: Heritage Road. Sponsored by Anheuser-Busch and produced by Spoke Media in collaboration with Wondery, the six-episode mini series explored the history of NASCAR, told by Rich Phillips, the voice of Texas Motor Speedway. Matt Block, Director of Music Licensing here at Flavorlab, worked closely on this project with Spoke Media’s Keith Reynolds, executive producer and editor of the series.

“One of the best parts of working with Flavorlab was having Matt as a de facto music supervisor. It really saved us a lot of time to be able to word vomit our thoughts and feelings and have Matt congeal it into exactly the palette of songs we were looking for. We got exactly the right music without having to dig for hours through irrelevant options.” – Keith Reynolds

Being rooted in Southern tradition, Heritage Road needed a lot of Country, Americana and Bluegrass tracks to help tell its stories. After a few initial conversations with Keith regarding the specific styles, adjectives and emotions that the music needed to convey, Matt pulled a number of tracks from Producer’s Toolbox, Flavorlab’s exclusive production music catalog. Those initial tracks were a great start and helped to further define the needs of Spoke Media for this project. They sent back creative briefs for additional tracks throughout the entire post-production process and Flavorlab was able to source and clear new tracks from artists in Nashville that hit the mark. There were also instances where Keith would need a certain sound for a specific cut – Spaghetti Western for example. Matt and his team utilized Flavorlab’s custom catalog composing team to produce new tracks that were immediately used in the series – such as Spaghettin Best Western.

“Its valuable to have such a wide network of composers who we can call on to help us hone in on a unique sound for a project. Its great to work on projects where the client is using a lot of our tracks and sending us consistent feedback on their developing music needs because it gives us the opportunity to produce and curate a few new albums that will get used right away.” -Matt Block

With Spoke Media headquartered in Dallas, all work was done remotely. There was efficient communication that made the process run smoothly and helped to produce a final product of which everyone was proud.

The full Heritage Road series is available on Wondery and other streaming platforms including Stitcher, Apple and Spotify. Check out a few Flavorlab Producer’s Toolbox cues from the show below!