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Jesse Solomon Clark

jesse copyJesse Solomon Clark

“I am not a purist about genre or style nor am I dogmatic about approach: whatever combination of sounds and techniques allows a story to come to life with the most power is the right path,” says composer, multi-instrumentalist and music producer Jesse Solomon Clark on his official website.

The Virginia-born musician currently resides in Oakland, CA, where he works with directors and producers from all parts of the country and the world. Clark grew up studying percussion and playing in all sorts of bands, but eventually found himself involved in the experimental electronic scene of San Francisco. From that point on, the composer primarily pursued works that showcased the complementary relationship between visual media and sound.

His tracks on Flavorlab’s Producer’s Toolbox catalog are exemplary of Clark’s keen sense of bringing out the most powerful effect from music that is designed for film, TV, physical installations, games or advertisements.

Find out more about Jesse Solomon Clark on his official website, or LISTEN to some of his Producer’s Toolbox tracks!

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