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Mix Preparation and the Technical Specifications
to Optimize Audio Post-Production Workflow

If you have confirmed and officially booked a mix session with our Studio Directors via, then we are ready to receive elements! On this page, we would like to briefly answer some frequently asked questions about our workflow and provide a list of technical specifications to assist you in the preparation of your sessions.

There are various types of audio files that exist. What audio file types is best to work with? In order to ensure the highest quality end product, please use .WAV files for all audio when possible. .AIFF files are also an acceptable alternative. Please avoid MP3 files as this file type causes considerable quality loss. High resolution stereo music tracks are often available for download directly from library houses. We are happy to consult any other methods to acquire high resolution audio tracks.


What elements/files should be sent for the mix sessions? Before the start of each session, we like to receive the following elements:

  1. OMF/AAF File(s)
  2. Quicktime Reference Video(s)
  3. Any other audio files that can be sent separately to offer flexibility to improve your mixes.
  4. Examples include previously recorded Voice Over files, full non-edited Music files, any production sound or dialogue bites.
  5. Production documents with Retag information and/or scripts.


Delivery of Elements to Flavorlab

What is the best method to deliver the elements? We work with multiple ways to receive the elements so whatever is easiest for you! If you are using an…

  1. Online file transfer service or website: please send the download links to Hightail, Dropbox and Wetransfer are examples of online services that have been frequently utilized.
  2. Internal FTP network: please provide us with the appropriate login credentials so we can access and download the elements.
  3. We can also provide a login and username so that elements can be uploaded on our transfer system. Email for instructions.

What are the technical specifications that should be incorporated in the OMF/AAF and Quicktime files?
(To optimize the efficiency of file uploads/downloads and the consistency of data transfer, please consider the following parameters for OMF/AAF and Quicktime Exports.)

OMF/AAF Exports

  • Data Embedding: Embed audio only. No video.
  • Handle lengths: No less than 2 seconds
  • Audio Sample Rate: 48 kHz
  • Audio Bit Rate: 16 or 24-Bit
  • Program Start Time: 01:00:00:00
  • Frame Rate (fps):
    NTSC Broadcast – 29.97 fps Drop
    HD Broadcast – 23.98 fps
    Films – 24 fps

Please insert a 2-pop (One frame of a 1kHz tone), exactly 2 seconds before the first frame of the program/video. This is to ensure that we appropriately synchronize the Quicktime to the audio.

Voice Over files and a list of selects (if needed) should either be included in the OMF/AAF or delivered as a separate .WAV file. Please provide your mixer with the take numbers for select reads.

Preferred Track Layout:

  • Voice Over (VO) – Tracks 1 & 2
  • Dialogue/Sound On Tape (SOT) – Tracks 3 – 8
  • Music – Tracks 9 – 12
  • Sound Effects (SFX) – Tracks 13 – UpĀ 

Quicktime Exports

  • Video Encoding/Compression Type: .MP4 or H.264 (If possible, please avoid using any AVC Codecs)
  • Audio Sample Rate: 48 kHz
  • Audio Bit Rate: 16 or 24-Bit
  • For Films and Long-Form Programs, please “Burn” or graphically embed the appropriate Timecode.
  • The reference audio in the Quicktime should match identically with the audio that is provided in the OMF/AAFs.


Project Completion & Deliverables from Flavorlab

Everything is approved and I am ready to finalize, what is next?

Your Flavorlab engineer will provide you with finalized high resolution WAV audio files with 2-pops that include:

  • Full Mix*
  • VO Split
  • SOT Split
  • Music Split
  • SFX Split

*Full Mixes with each different tag (if any) will also be provided.

We understand that final file specifications differ depending on TV Networks and productions companies to name a few. We are always willing to adjust for any required final delivery specifications.

If there are any more questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mailing or by a phone call at 212-673-2773. We look forward to working with you!