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Most Expensivest

The new Viceland series “Most Expensivest,” with rapper 2 Chainz explores the world’s greatest excess’. From thousand-dollar donuts to forty-thousand-dollar cigars, 2 Chainz looks for the best of the best. The Flavorlab team had the opportunity not only to do the mixing on this project but also to compose its theme song. The theme plays over a short animation of 2 Chainz at the beginning of each show.

For a show starring 2 Chainz, it was important for the theme song to fit his style, especially his signature ATL sound. All the in house composers created demos for the theme in a friendly Trap competition. Ultimately Dennis Dembeck’s track was chosen and the team helped produce the final cut.  The final track features piano sounds sampled from a real grand piano and then pitched over a keyboard, as well as live drum samples and 808’s.

This was a project where the client really knew exactly what they were looking for. Being big fans of 2 Chainz themselves, they had a great knowledge of the sound and style they needed and were able to work closely with the Flavorlab composers to offer really specific feedback and get the perfect theme.

“Working with Flavorlab was a wonderful collaboration! The moment my team decided we needed a theme song for Most Expensivest, I immediately thought of Glenn.  We wanted a sound that was true to 2 Chainz’ Trap while setting the tone for the curated, elevated visual experience we were creating. The Flavorlab team understood, took the concept and ran with it. What was exceptionally valuable to me was the openness with which the theme song came to fruition. The composer Dennis Dembeck really listened to our notes, effortlessly tweaking and revising, until the Most Expensivest theme was successfully completed. Thank you thank you thank you Flavorlab! You guys are absolutely MAGICAL!” – Kadine Anckle, Executive Producer on the project

You can check out the show on Wednesdays at 10:30pm on Viceland.