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  Flavorlab Nickelodeon International Case Study

CLIENT: Nickelodeon International | Viacom Media Networks

OPPORTUNITY: Create and mix a sonic landscape for a series of animated System IDs and Bumpers to embody the fun and quirky tone consistent with Nickelodeon’s programming.

BACKGROUND / STRATEGY: The music for the Bumpers and IDs needed to be geared specifically towards Nickelodeon and Nick Junior’s demographic, which ranges from toddlers to older children.

Collaborating with Nickelodeon International’s Senior Producer, Simone Smith, Flavorlab’s lead Sound Designer, Bumi Hidaka, set out to create a playful soundscape for the Bumpers and holiday themed System IDs. The Christmas IDs called for remixing Nickelodeon’s signature mnemonic into various musical styles such as Reggae, Bollywood and Dubstep. This was an exciting challenge that required us to deconstruct the fundamental instrumentation of each genre to make it work seamlessly. We utilized vibraphones, tambourines and other instruments to capture the Christmas vibe within the different genres.

RESULTS: Flavorlab Sound created the branded, whimsical, sonic world that Nickelodeon International needed for their Station IDs and Bumpers. Simone Smith’s open minded, flexible approach helped everything flow very smoothly – and everyone at Nickelodeon were ecstatic with the results. And – Simone graciously shared her thoughts about working with us: “Working with Glenn and Bumi at Flavorlab has always been such a pleasure. They deliver great work, offer competitive pricing, and are always willing to go that extra mile. I have turned to Flavorlab multiple times when I have needed something in a pinch and they have never let me down. I highly recommend Flavorlab for all of your audio needs!”