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NYS Post Production Credit

Post Production Credit

Post production costs associated with the production of original content for a qualified film that are incurred at a qualified post-production facility in New York State are eligible.

A qualified post-production facility is any company located in NYS and engaged in providing post-production services to film and television.

A film production company can qualify for the post-production credit if it meets either one or both of the following thresholds:

  1. Visual Effects and Animation – The qualified VFX/Animation costs incurred at a qualified post-production facility in NYS must EITHER meet or exceed:
    • 20 percent of the total VFX/Animation costs paid or incurred for VFX/Animation for the qualified film at any post-production facility anywhere; OR
    • $3 million
  2. Post-Production – The qualified post-production costs incurred at qualified facilities in NYS, (excluding cost for VFX/Animation), must meet or exceed 75 percent of the total qualified post-production costs paid or incurred in the post-production of the film at any post-production facilities.

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